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"Rapsody in Blue"

Another Great Reunion!

Thank you, classmates, for a wonderful 60th.

60th Reunion Pictures

We've done it again! Another wonderful reunion. 60 years since graduation! Friends, memories, smiles, stories, laughs. Bear Hill Golf Club, our traditional high school meeting place. Bountiful appetizers, a delicious lunch, and, donated by Bill Fitzgerald and Mary Lou Gigante, champagne for everybody.
55th Reunion Committee

Thank you, classmates, for a wonderful 55th.

55th Reunion Pictures
55th Reunion Comments

Despite the bartender's getting caught in traffic and arriving a bit late, and some of us getting a bit thirsty, we spent a lovely evening in the Bear Hill Ballroom with 45 classmates and spouses. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, remembered classmates no longer with us, and celebrated those married over 50 years. Then we talked and danced the evening away. There's just something special about getting together after all these years with friends who knew us then.
55th Reunion Committee

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